Mother Found Me in a Dumpster [ III ]

Mother Found Me in a Dumpster [ III ]
[ III ]
At the capital, the sixth day of January, Trumpsters assembled
To drink beer and cheer, as the Looser gestured and rambled
"If 'Mike' doesn't come through for us" as if thinking out loud
"I won't be happy with him." he postured to incite the crowd

"We will stop the steal." he cried, so as to rub salt in a sore
"You have to fight like hell…or you won't have a country any more!"
He raised a hand toward the capital and said "I will march with you."
The Looser's coercing words that Mother knew to be untrue

And how that Mob danced to that Looser's cajoling
To take back a country that never was stolen
"Let's have trial by combat." his Henchman said
Their attack on the capital left nine people dead

The Looser watched it all happen live on television
He tracked in real time and chose to make no decision
That would stop any Trumpsters who carried his flag
The capital was besieged. The Mob wore his name tag

They broke through barriers, smashed windows and doors
An incursion not witnessed since the revolutionary wars
They broke into the halls and attacked the Chamber
Mother watched and weeped. Their vile actions shamed her

In the House that day, the Members and Vice President met
To certify the vote the way the Forefathers had formerly set
The Vice President was there to preside and not to decide
His role clear by tradition; never was as the Looser implied

While outside the Chamber the mob pounded the door,
Enraged that they couldn't get in, on to the House floor
‘Hang the Vice President.’ echoed throughout the halls
String him up on the gallows. Our solemn duty calls

Then the Looser told them to stand down after four hours of rampage
"The election was stolen...I know you are angry." was his message
"You are very special people." said he "But you have to go home now."
Mother saw the chaos, carnage and injury he would later disavow


Continued in ‘ Mother Found Me in a Dumpster [ IV ]

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    This is number [ III ] of six parts.