Mother ~ I miss you

Mother can you hear me, there’s so much I want to say
Please answer me and come wipe my tears away
What can I do, I miss you so much
holding on to your memories are no longer enough
But God called you home; your pain He could no longer see
Daughter He said, it’s time to come and be with me

In a moment of silence, she sighed her last breath
Cancer prevailed and memories were all I had left
Mother, I cried, why did you leave, for I am but a child
Who will love me, hug me and be my earthly guide

I am torn, I am hurt, with my mother I can’t be
Elated and comforted to know she is now pain-free
I want to run and hide from the pain that I have inside
Wondering if I am selfish for wanting her here by my side

Cancer you’re selfish, so mean and so hurtful
Leaving me so weak, so broken and somewhat regretful
Cancer my mother’s life you stole and left a big hole
A void hard to fill because I am angry still
Cancer you have not won the fight even if you continue to persist
No matter how much you try and strive to exist
A cure is on the way, trust what I say
I’ll continue to pray for a cure day after day.

Mother, you were strong and with your strength, my prayers are stronger
It’s only a matter of time before God says you, "cancer" you are no longer.
Mother, I miss you so much, please know I’m ok
God held me close and wiped my tears away
Your love and memories I keep inside
For they are what help keep me alive.

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This Poems Story

Cancer stole my mother from me. For years I was angry at the world. Now I am at peace and think this the best way to let the world know- I miss and love my mother.