Mother nature

This is a story about Mother Nature,
She not like any other mother,
She’s not kind or caring or loving and she Answers to no other.

Without a care in the world or
Without remorse in her soul.
mother nature is not afraid.
She’s not intimidated by The human race.

With a Swipe of a hand she can Cause a Cool breeze on a sunny summer day and with
The command of her voice she can demand just about anything. Thunder, lightning and Gail force winds. A tsunami in the Indian Ocean and tornadoes in The central USA.

Mother nature is not one to be fooled around with. For many years, for many decades, for many centuries she has been kind enough to allow us to be one with this planet.

Only the foolish would think that the earth is ours to call our home. This beautiful place that we call earth. That mankind thinks we have the right to exploit her and thinks that she will never retaliate back.

The time has come and mother nature is cashing in. Our debt to her will be repaid in full. But Not in currency or possessions.
But with our Eternal Soul payment is do.

The coronavirus is here I’m sad to say.
Mother nature is tired of us and we most pay.
For 2% of us the total is do.
7.7 billion live among us and 154 million souls the total amount we owe.

Mother Nature, Mother Nature for we are so very sorry we took a vantage of your kindness and Generosity.
Please please please forgive the human race.
Give us a chance to erase our mistakes.
Too fix this place we call earth.

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