Mother Nature’s Cleaning

By Boos   

Out after a rain storm that has scrubbed the earth clean,
Sun peaking through the clouds made me want to shout with glee.
I walked on the sidewalk, careful not to squish the worms.
The daisies were bright white and yellow against the green.
I felt warm from the sun as a haze lifted from the fields and road.
A robin, beak full of worm, flew above me with a heavy load.
One little black rain cloud blew over the sun light,
it became as dark as night.
A wisp of wind blew the tendrils of my hair,
Mother Nature's house cleaning for my hair she has no care.
Lightning flashed and thunder boomed,
would I get wet on this walk seemed doomed.
As i ran to shelter of my porch, lightning flashed like a torch.
I watched God's fireworks, the lightning of bright white bolts,
the beat of thunder on its heels. Water collects on the streets,
Kids can't wait to jump in the puddles,
for every mother laundry day is a muddle.
After Mother Earth scrubs the earth clean,
when clouds are wet and lightning is mean.
Thus is the Glory of God's world
Everything bright and clean, brilliant colors on God's canvas board.

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