Mother Nature’s Dance

Whispering wind blowing gently through the trees
Ever so softly rustling the fallen leaves
Scent of jasmine delicately perfuming the forest air
The wonderful look of Fall is a glorious sight everywhere
Molding,shaping hands of Mother Nature takes a colorful twist
So inspiring beautiful who could resist
Tall grass dances,sways to and fro
Rippling effects gives it a soothing glow
Sunlight softly kisses the pretty flowers of purple,red and gold
A amazing magical sight to ever gaze upon and behold
Harmony of a mythical sound from a gentle,rippling stream
so heart soothing as a heavenly dream
As this way of life passes by with a fleeing moment and a glance
Mother Nature has always had a perfect poetic dance
Creatures scurrying across the forest floor
Never to be cage in by window or a door
Nature is never one to be in a hectic rush or chaotic run
She takes her time in living and enjoying the dazzling sun
Day into night,night into day
Always forever a painters touch is her way
With beauty so breathtaking in every sight to see
Her wild decorative design is imprinted on land and at sea
Charming and seductive is her primitive stance
Take time to appreciate the sweet epic tale of Mother Natures Dance

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