Mother Nature’s Song

Come closer, gather round
Listen to the magick sounds
Which Mother Nature sings to us
Her voice is sweeter than an angel's
And it can take us back to the past,
When Paganism ruled the lands,
And Nature was divine.
Let it take you back to a sacred time,
When Sprites and Faeries flew free,
And magick ruled our world.
Let it fill your heart with love and joy,
And instill in you the wisdom that only Nature holds.
Grow your mind,
Forget what others try to make you think, see and believe.
Let your own soul sing,
Sing along with the Earth Mother's songs.
Put down the books, put down the notes,
Let your sacred imagination run free among the beautiful skies.
Forget the insidious insanity that our society forces upon us,
Allow your cluttered mind to empty,
And focus on your own heart and soul
Let your mind and body heal
Allow yourself to settle in to Nature's song,
And travel back to where it all began.

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