Mother Nature’s Voice

As pale blue light touches the ground,
I free myself from the ghost of time.
obscure symbols of illusion estimate silently,
powerful expressions, stated in broad terms.
The pure voice of a nightingale croons at the dismal possibility of perilous phenomenon.

I advise a journey nothing could justify.
Wait for the night to fall back on your scent of youth. This life is the center of golden nature, joyful expectancy beyond the elements of circumstances.
The moonlight delivers sympathy despite the imagined exile dug into human hearts.
Divine waves of similar humanity, remedy this feeling of emptiness. Judge by the pleasant tone of our beautiful misses, and the sacred reconstruction of our souls.

Light flakes emanating from human indifference, a powerful reflector expecting a vibrant flower. Seized with intolerable humanity, a bright idea for the fall of goddesses. Endowed fashion flavors new devices, isolating each living art under a square of expectation.

Enveloped in infinite possibility, justify nothing. Honor the radiant knowing, according to the fruits of time. Natural layers of beautiful living unifies an unimagined mystery. Ideal is imaginary, release the captive jealousy, an unfortunate justification of intimidating truth. Silently sacred, meet me here in the form of the body.

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