Mother of Mine

Mother of mine,
sweet yet stern and wonderfully divine,
although her physical being is buried and gone, her soul delightfully
watches over me from above, and in my heart she lives on.
Mother of mine,
like rays from the sun, her love beams and shines.
I'm reminded of her smile every time I look upon my child.
She wasn't here to meet her first granddaughter.
Knowing she's proud of me, I dare not falter.

Mother of mine,
on most days I cry feeling lost and alone.
Her love calls to me telling me to dry my tears,
as real and clear as if we'd spoken on the phone.

Mother of mine,
Her vitality saturates me with such a warm feeling,
I no longer embellish thoughts of being relinquished and motherless.
Instead I feel more like she's always here holding, molding
and guiding me, so relentless.

Mother of mine,
never entirely left me,
She's who elevates me when my life is spiraling down,
reminding me she's my muse who inspires me to be profound.

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