I fear this more; Death
As I look in my sons eyes
Never been so scared

Never good enough
Corses my mind every day
How worse can I get

Spare arms I do need
The mess piles up easily
Always things to do

Learning how to teach
Knowledge will become your gift
Please be wise my son

I wish for better
Life isn’t easy right now
Can’t give in to it

This is all we have
And we love you every day
We try are best son

Time away is big
Oh please can I have quiet
Some days can be rough

Real world can be bad
Want to keep you by my side
Never let you go

Double checking now
Clinging to you just in case
Loose you I will not

Watching you grow up
In the blink of an eye: stop!
Just hug your mamma

You became my life
I will always love you now
You are every thing

Screaming child, yay
Hell breaks loose when daddy leaves
I know you love him

Patience is the key
But over and over gets old quick
Hidden tears run dry

Food on the floor; yuck
Don’t stick it in your mouth please
Throw hands in the air

Cleaning and caring
Boo-boo and owies; come here
Kisses and bandied

Every day same shit
Just can’t Handel every thing
But for you; I do.

Loving you daily
Puts a smile on my face
Your my every thing.

Grow strong and wise, son
Be caring and respectful
Please be who you are.

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