Motherhood or None

I feel this tug and pull
But from where I wonder,
Home, work or maybe love
No wait, it's from inside,
My shoulders pull in and
My breath shallows,
From within my chest
Is where it sits, this
tugging and pulling I feel.

I feel it strongest as I sit
And watch my children grow,
For one day they will leave
Soon to start a family of
Their very own and only then
Will they get the tug and pull
I feel from within.

Without my family, my daughter and
My son, I would be no-one,
For I am like a tree without water
I too would wither without my daughter,
I am like the planet without the sun
I too would be frozen and dead without
My son.

This tug and pull I will forever hold
For motherhood is my life, without it I am no-one.

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