Motherly Love

No fault can extinguish this love
The moment the eyes meet and the arms surround
She holds her baby close
Completely and utterly adoring of her child
His giggle and the way his eyes light up when he smiles back at her
The few soft wisps of blond atop his head

It's a love that never fades
Not in life and not in death
She figured that out herself

Frantic barking in the thick of night and she was up in a flash
Her first instinct: protect her child
There is nothing too frightening for a mother's love, except...

A still, silent, sleeping form swaddled in his crib
The flame had been snuffed out, but her love never could be

Her sobs and shouts woke the neighborhood, but no one ran to help
Maybe if they had, one would have made it out
Her love never died, but she could not bear life without him

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