Motherly Touches

No one can love me like you do
No one cuts me as deep when we argue
No matter if I were tatoo with the markings of sin
My motherly Touches allows me to go home.

They say love is always tender
Sometimes tenderizing
But a pounding sinks into this head
Made me right and I smile again because we are alike
My motherly touches allows me to give a care when I'm am in pain

I hold secrets and I spread half details
The ones who know the truth is I and you
Love made me better and livlihood allows me to gather
If I never had you where will I be life is easy on easy street
But it's tough when paranoid or stressed
So many apologies so much to be told
Like you I cherish our moments and nothing will drizzle
Your motherly touches grab hold this young man is powerful
With two hands who can tell me I can't

I wish my friends can meet my mom
She's lovable and kind as I am
Someday I will accept the company
of two can make nice
As motherly touches lets me survive

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