Mother’s Day

So I decided to write some words for Mother’s Day from a different perspective.

Happy Mother’s Day....

Dear wife~fiancé~woman~mother of my child(ren),

Don’t think I don’t see you my love waddling to the restroom at night at 2,3 AM holding your lower back.

A sigh of frustration

Don’t think I don’t notice my woman when you look in the mirror longingly. Apparently remembering what you use to look like before you made me a father.

I also hear when you can’t sleep and you feel annoyed that our toddler and my self can sleep so peacefully but I promise you are not forgotten

Don’t think I can’t tell that you sometimes question who you are now, now that you are the sun to our kids, the moon that soothes their bad dreams and helps shut their eyes and close their minds that have been racing.

I can’t tell you how beautiful you have become to me, because I know in your eyes you still want to see yourself as that thrilling other version that was you, that was US before we became parents. You don’t believe me...

But thrilling and with more value you are- you goddess, you mother, that makes me whole, who has made me a man.

Also my partner don’t think I didn’t see you in the shower staring at your big belly contemplating how you will do it all over again when our second child occupied your space.

On this day of Mother’s I’d like to remember with you the day our babies were born. You were a warrior and I was watching, my manly instincts wanting to protect you, do something for you because It hurt to see you in pain but there was only watching, waiting, hoping my presence was enough and you said so-always reassurance from you.
I was overwhelmed by your fragility and strength, your courage and the way you allowed nature and your body to move you and change you.

you alone brought us all together. There was help but you were god in my universe, the chosen one. I become a father, a real father when you labored and showed me light-our son, our daughter.

Thank you! You, the mother of my children for being willing and sacrificing all the things you think go unnoticed. I love you. You are a woman who is a mother and the one who I celebrate today.

Love your humbled husband, partner, fiancé... a man.

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