Mother’s Day

Have you ever had something special taken away from you?
I have.
Not taken, as if it was stolen;
Taken, as in God calling upon the person who has given you birth
Letting them have a chance to walk upon the gates of heaven.
A place where I'm unsure I'll stand.
My Mother.Gone.
Four days before Mother's Day.
Four used to be my favorite number.
Now it's just a time frame.
That day is when you're supposed to give your mother a surprise.
You want to know the surprise I get?
Mirrors now shatter upon my reflection,
Because I can't recognize who I am anymore,
Flowers turn into vines strapping my arms and legs
Trying to pull me back from I now call me past.
Then the heaven cry for me.
While people think, "Its just rain",
I know it's because I've done something wrong.

Ambition made me realize I can't live this way,
But one thing I won't forget.
The day I recognize I will always be alone,
The Holiday I can't celebrate anymore,
That mother's day.

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