Mothers destroyed our sons with words

Mothers, with their cutting tongues,
Can tear our sons down bit by bit,
Their words like arrows, sharp and stung,
Leaving scars that never quit.

They speak of failure and of shame,
Of all the ways they don't measure up,
Their dreams and hopes, put to flame,
As mothers fill their hearts with doubt.

They criticize, they push and prod,
Demanding perfection, never satisfied,
Their sons left feeling small and flawed,
By the words that cut them deep inside.

But mothers, don't you see the harm,
In tearing down the ones you love?
For words can wound and cause alarm,
Destroying their spirits from above.

Instead, lift them up with love and praise,
Encourage, support, and guide,
Let them know they're worthy of better days,
And watch them soar with confidence and pride.

For mothers, your words hold great power,
To build them up or tear them down,
So choose your words wisely every hour,
And let love and kindness be your crown.

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