Mother\'s love

Demeter, Goddess of harvest,
with her beloved daughter, Persephone, offspring of Zeus,
two divine deties,
assured wholesome harvest, With food to eat for mortals,
of Ancient Greece.
One pleasant day,
Hades, God of Death,
came out from hell,
Seize Persephone,
To underworld.
Afterwards, Demeter came,
Searched her daughter,
As a mad ghost,
but she found her nowhere.
The mighty Helios,
sole spectator of event,
revealed about Hades,
to Demeter.
Furious Goddess,
ran to Mount Olympus,
For justice,
But was left astonished.
Alas! Father of Persephone,
Ruled out the fate,
By sanctioning,
Martial alliance between,
death and spring.
With that rage and despair,
Mother refused to perform her duties,
The mortal world was left,
To rot with extreme famine.
In underworld,
Hungry Persophone made a mistake,
By eating six seeds,
Of dark world.
With Demeter's grief,
World was near the end.
Thus, compromise was made
Victim of Hades,
Would remain six months in underworld,
As a Queen,
Then other six months in this world,
As a Goddess of Spring.
When Mother and Daughter,
Divine and innocent love,
Embrace each others,
Mortals savour,
Fruits of spring.

By Khushi Joshi
12:29 PM

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