Mothers Pain

Though a gentle breeze blows,
Hopeless despair fill the air.
In the distance you can hear the highway,
But even then thoughts are louder.
The fear slowly shows,
And in that moment life doesn’t seem fair.
If only there were something to say,
But all you can do is hold her.
Clearly the pain shows in her once joyful eyes,
And fright seems ever so clear.
She tries to be brave,
But it’s obvious that she is worn.
She looks around and sighs.
If only she weren’t so unsure,
If only she didn’t feel so grave.
Little by little she begins to mourn.
To her the world begins to quickly spin,
But there is nothing you can do.
All that can be done is to console,
Which doesn’t seem to help a lot.
It seems as if she just can’t win,
And now she feels subsequently blue.
No longer does she feel whole,
All she can feel is herself rot.

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