Mothers are the first to love you.
From before your born.
She will love you longer then anyone you know.
Leg love for a mother is unconditional.
No matter what she will love you.

Mothers know you better then you know your self.
She will be there when you get your heart broken.
When you're happy and when you're sad.
Or just when you need advice.
She will always be there for you.

When you cry she will give you her shoulder to cry on.
Kissing your boo boos when you were young.
She would give you a hug when you needed one.
Will be there when your sick,
to take care of you and will always be there.

On you first day of school she cried.
Helped you finish a project at midnight for you.
Takes you to the big game for fun.
She would help you study for that big exam.

So pleas do something special for your mom today,
It's Mother's Day.
Give her some flowers.
Take her out for dinner.
Go and sound the day with her.
Because I know that I love my mom
So know you love yours too.

So I want to not just think my mom
I want to think all moms every where.
For you are real heroes of the world.
Where would we be with out you I don't know
Or want to know.
Think you for all you have done.

Shaun D. Weller

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