Motion Pain

The moment you realize you have life you just be wanting to die.
Life I don't know what it means
But I know once your gone your free.
Theses days I be Living but I can't breath.
Wondering if Life was what it's supposed to be.
Nah,what if I'm living then I ain't free.
Why we never show em love until we lose them.
stop it I'm hungry so I grow GRUESOME.
Drowning in my Sorrow I just hope it don't take me.
Trying to find ways to stay LONELY.
Pain in my shoe box show depression in my SOLES.
Theses days I be COMING and GOING.
How could the summer Bring COLD NIGHTS.
And why do cops work against US.
Do GOD hear me Pray when I go to HIM.
Do GOD Feel my HATE When I go Through them.
I was Saving you but you was killing me
What's peace if they think about burning me.
I put up a FRONT and SMYLE through my pain A STRANE from life.
Wishing I had died when she birth me
What if I Met GOD ,what would he say
Would he cry and look away
Still starving
My belly is empty I'm ready to eat
Don't you ever bite the hand that feed you
you think my name is a joke but when I make it you gonna be begging

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