It's the feeling of getting out of bed in the morning
The ability to fight your way out of the darkest hole
It's a trait you earn without warning
One that can only be found in the strongest soul
It's the strength to pursue a creed
To struggle for a cause when all seems lost
It's the desire to not follow, but lead
Persisting for a goal, no matter the cost
This value of motivation is only known by the user
Whether to push on or quickly fall behind
This choice is made only by the chooser
It can open opportunities or make a man blind
It is the force which pushes people to success
Creating the drive to progress
Teaching that success is the only option
And there is nothing less

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This Poems Story

I can easily attribute my inspiration for writing my poem to my Grandpa Herb and Grandma Rose. Their never-ending drive and desire to push forth each and every day is astonishing and awe-inspiring. It is amazing to observe how the love for one another-in this case, me as a grandchild-transforms into the motivation which compels my grandparents to get out of bed each morning. Their love, which turns to motivation, is the true inspiration for my poem.