Rather slang rocks then live like this
At least I’ll know my product is good enough for somebody
Cuz a feen’ll take anything
Can’t stop thinking , yet can’t think at all
Close my eyes all I see is black
Got no purpose
So I make no effort
Maybe if I’m real dope daughter I’ll make a profit
But then again, girls cant do that
Cuz we’re not equal apparently
But yet I can pull more bitches with my tongue than you can with yo jumbo shrimp
How about I sell whats between my legs
Cuz a nigga with a broken heat will fuck anything
My mind is tired, muscles weak, heart hopeless, body soul-less
So, what if I’m dead
Everybody moved on cuz nobody’s home
Maybe that’s why I feel so alone
Everybody here with me but nobody there for me
Wonder what would happen if I opened my head
Would all my thoughts spread into others
Maybe they’ll see who they thought I was, was wrong
Yeah this mask is different than anything you’ve ever seen
Stickier than Jim Carreys
But not green cuz I ain’t jealous
I don’t want what you got
I just want something better for me
They say somebody else wish they had yo life
But you don’t know my life
Yeah maybe I feel safe walking down the street
Or safe walking home
But mentally,
You couldn’t handle this
This pressure weighing me down
The loneliness draining me out
The expectations discouraging me
The feeling of wanting to rest eternally
Yet wanting to stay immortally cuz ion wanna know whats next
What if it gets worse
What if its too good for me
Not that I don’t deserve it
But how do I live that life
Haven’t learned to cope under these conditions
But don’t knows how to live under those
Judge me. But you don’t know what it’s like
Think what you want
I won’t change your mind
The real ones will notice me

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