Why do you move so eloquently to the beat of your tune?
Constantly moving, tipping, breathing endlessly, fixated on me
Why am I your main concern?
Why do you defend the institution and care nothing about me?

You've disrespected me time and time again, yet you play it off
Is it because of my gender or the color of my skin, or because
my kindness has been taken for weakness?
Do you hate? I keep asking myself why

Why is it okay for you to continue in arrogance and denial
and I'm asked what's wrong with me?
What is your motive?
Two wrongs don't make it right I know

You need to know the hardships I've endured have
made me stronger, wiser, and more alive than ever before
It's because of my past that I can stand with my head held high,
Thanking my Creator that He didn't let me die

But it's time for me to step back and honestly look at my life
and determine if I want to continue in this place
I want no conversation
Just let me be!

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