The crush, the rush that pulsates through my veins,
Thoughts overwhelming me to the point of insane
Memories fading, slowing my pace, I’m reaching, grabbing to find your face. Noise from an old sad song singing the melody of my heart; beat, beat, beating slowly, beat, beat, stops
The heat falls from my eyes which stains my face like permanent dye. It is what it is and they say life goes on. I am searching; looking for all that I long.
The yearning and burning down deep in my soul; time to be free, time to let go. I’ll miss what once was happiness, peace within, fading once again. The wind blows such a warm embrace, searching to find sunshine on my face. Time stands still as I move through the daze with heaviness in my shoes which slows my pace. Can’t move now, stiff and numb, where did you go, why did you run? Far from me, out of my reach, gasping, hurting, beat, beat, beat beating slowly again, beat, beat, stops.

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