Mourning of Life

They were aroused
By an unexpected proclamation,
And the queries started to form.
A simple phone call turned ones' mind into nervousness
Because the person who they were talking about
Could not speak for himself.

Their sadness became engrossed into fear
Because the thought of losing someone
Was invoked by not being able to be near.

Hence the million miles away
Nobody could fully grasp the truth.
How could someone so healthy
Just become so impaired?

Quarter after three
The phone rang the next day,
And this time it started off in silence.
It was like the person was lost
For all words to say.

The silence then turned into mourning.
The keening spread throughout the house that day.
Nobody could of imagined
That his life had been taking away.

They started to prepare for his day;
His life after life.

Fireworks of shots dispersed in the sky.
The hollering of life
Brought tears to everyone's eyes.
As the flag started to wave high
His body started to go down in peace.

Honorable, loving, and a caring man he was,
And he will never be forgotten.
His dignity of love
Will forever stay within our heart, minds, and souls.

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