The beat
That I walk too
I keep a rhythm
I move in stride
I feel so smooth
As I glide
A phantom
In the fog
On a dark
Ominous Night
Star speckled sky
If I die to the dance
Of the beat that I walk too
I feel so special
I feel like I've been granted God's power
Not to cross the line
Honestly feeling fine
Gliding through time
And it happens so fast
I fly through the past so presently
Describing in words
The experience won't make
That's okay
I want to show you how to do what I do
Take a hammer to all these crooked letterssssss
I'll make new words I think
The power in words
The power in my swing
A word smith
Know what I mean
I take these words I beat
This magic I create
I am wizard
I create my fate
I move to my make
C what can I show thee
See how far
Sea I know you
Fly you bring life
Fly to high
Fly get away
To my place of solitude
Enter here
And know I
A place endless
As I go
Towards infinity
Directionless and into endlessness
Take what I feel
Heal and heel when you pain
The place of I is a ride
Where will I take you
What do you want to see
Here you can do anything
Here you can be anything
I will show you where to find God's power
In the burning
We must go
A fire shower
To cleanse our souls
Now you know
Reverse and fast forward
Round and round
Let's get lost
Let's get found
You go this way
I'll go that
I will see you again
We've know where we've been
Yes we going to keep
Moving to our beat
Come follow me
Where we choose if it stops
Take this to mind
When you do what we do blind
It can be all good
I prefer the extreme of all things
To think and to do
A villain on the extreme of the spectrum
A specter so spectacular
I done did this before
Now I'm on leisure tour
Cray cray cray
All I do is play
An infinite ray
God's fine
God does mind
But I walk the line
That's my crime
All I do is ask to be better
Undirected chatter
Chants of an ole time ago
When those of old
Were more bold
I found their power
I tower in my final hour
A flicker a spark that ignites
Than fades
If you like I'll trade
What I have already given away
What is not mine was bought
That's why my soul burns hot
I got what I sought
In the ways I was taught
Continue on to the beat
The drumming never dies
Nor do I

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