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Movie Plot

You looked so perfect
Lying there, in my arms
Your hair all a mess
Your eyes a mirror
Reflecting the changing scenes of the movie
And I saw our entire plot
Play out across them
Like a movie screen
The twisted stem
Of an auburn tinged leaf
As you slid it on my finger
Barely old enough to know what you meant
The glint of a gold ring
Wrapped around a sparkling stone
Sunset reflecting off it
On the day you gave it to me
For real
And I saw it all
In those sea blue eyes
Darkened to Titanic ocean blue
In the deepness of the night
You pressed my hand
Against your heart
And I could feel the beat
To which I live my life
Your heart in my hands
But really you hold mine
Don’t you?
Because I’d do anything
To feel the warmth of your mouth
Against mine
Your eyes sliding across my face
Late night shadows dancing through the room like we did that time
Under the night sky
That deep navy blue
You remember
Don’t you
I can see it in those eyes
When you look at me
Like everyone else falls away
And I’m your whole universe
Stars shimmering against a deep sky
And I’d always do anything
To see you look at me like that
Just one more time

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