moving forward

a day in the life
of an everyday man
mostly working to live
to provide what he can

looking at others
and comparing success
but a man who has everything
can sometimes have less

the gold and the splender
are all material things
when its time to go back
all your need are your wings

a time of reflection
a quiet moment of thought
to make the most of this time
as this time is too short

mistakes are a given
its all part of our plan
so lets meet them head on
and just be a good man

we’re all here for a purpose
so lets lead and lets learn
and start looking for answers
and have faith in concern

to make the most of the knowledge
we’ve been given since birth
ask lots of questions
theres more to this earth

are we here to return
with a story to tell
did we fail before
and came here cos we fell

whatever the reason
i will make the most of this life
to be a teacher in heaven
alongside my beautiful wife

i know life is eternal
this time is for a reason
its not too long so remember
to make the most of this season

god is our maker
and his son is my saviour
one day youll be proud
and fully forgive my behaviour

its hard to be living
in this contrasting world
just stick to the wonders
of the knowledge unferld

i am not a sinner
neither a saint
a non waivering faith
but actions that taint

im a man on a mission
to be the best i can be
ill be there once more
for the whole world to see

funny how life
offers twists and some turns
playing russian toullette
with just the ending to learn

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