Moving forward to the past

All familiar feelings not gone or faded
once all balanced and complete is now jaded.
Sometimes time goes stagnant and very still
Life whirls around and we lose all touch and feel.
Why do we torture ourselves and repeat history?
Is it not enough to hurt and go through life like a freaking mystery?
Go forward, go back, go forward, go back never ending
always hiding feelings or just plain pretending.
The past is what it is; there is no looking back and we can’t do it again
It’s meant to be behind us so with new days we may begin.
Love is painful at times but for the most part when it’s not meant to be
Love is a beautiful thing to be shared and to make happy memories.
Our feet are faced forward for a reason
Not behind us going in the opposite direction committing one another treason.
Face forward, feet forward moving onward to the future
Mending all wounds like a fine silk suture
Scars are permanent and some are a constant reminder of the past
Forgive and forget and move on to happiness that will last
Sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest to get through
when that person you love doesn’t love you.
Don’t look back; start tomorrow fresh and anew.

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