Moving into the future


I had a surprise on my window sill
A strange bird screaming loudly and shrill
It was very upset but didn’t seem ill
So I watched and listened
As it aired it’s distress
It seemed intuitively aware
Of the societal upheaval and quarantine despair
We’ve cleaned and rearranged all that we own
And watched TV until we’re bored to the bone
But some people feel they are exempt
They roam around mask-less with an arrogant air
Again the bird made a distressful sigh
Surely a sign of it wondering why
And then it squawked loudly and started to fly
Our country must unite and once again soar
Like the days of old that some still deplore
But rewards will be worth the effort for sure
Then the bird circled above for one final time
And I waved confirming it’s message sublime
Was received and appreciated in these trying times
If we do nothing we will inevitably fail
If we work together we will definitely prevail

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