Moving On

I sat still and watched a leaf, drift gently to the ground.
It rested upon the wilted blades; made not a sound.
Chilled, the air nipped my nose; I wiped away a tear.
My eyes rose to the heavens, and wished you were here.
Rays flickered through the limbs, shadows danced within the leaves.
A medley of smoke and maple gave incense to the breeze.
I can't help but to miss you; like autumn, my heart did slowly die.
All around the world marches on, oblivious to my cry.
The sun is put to rest, beneath the reflective sea,
I am lost between a beautiful moment, and an ugly memory.
I can't get back that second, where all the world did change.
The season came too quickly, for my life to rearrange.
There lies beauty in my sadness, hope for the seed that fell;
That spring will bring new hope, after our winter's hell.

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