Moving on

Shine like the stars, sway like the trees.
Hope and forgiveness is all that we need.
Keep your head up, keep you love strong
never let go; never forget to hang on.

No matter what they say, no matter what they do;
don't ever let them get to you.
Pretend it never happened, pretend it was a dream.
Keep yourself together it's all that you need.

Don't lose sight, of who you are
it keeps you real, compared to what they are.
The nasty things they say, never take to heart;
even if it makes them feel good, to be so mean.

Don't worry there will come a day,
when they too will have to feel this way.

But you can be bigger by helping and say,
"Just keep your head up, just keep your love strong.
I too once felt like life couldn't go on. I promise it will pass
don't forget who you are apologize to those you once made
feel this low. It's the time for forgiving, the time to let go
remember to treat people good, and accept them
for who they are."

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