Moving On

There is a feeling that comes when you know it is time
When nothing is the same and you are long past your prime
The very same things that brought you fulfillment and joy
Now produce the same feelings as your old childhood toy

Skip ahead to when everything ends up okay
You can leave but at the same time you will stay
Because all of the memories and things you now know
Will always be a part of you, no matter where you go

This concept is universal and certainly holds true
But there are some parts that they fail to tell you
The end result is great: a truly comforting realization
But the process of getting there has no definite configuration

It is not as simple as moving from point A to point B
You will backtrack, start over, and finally arrive at point Z
The act of getting to Z will vary for everyone involved
Different time periods, obstacles, and problems to be solved

Everyone who moves on does so in their own way
It is hard for some while others can adjust in one day
Embrace the uniqueness of your hardships without question
Because they are what allow for the freedom of progression

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