The feeling is strong, it never goes weak,
The financial outcome is oh so bleak.
3 grand down but then a 1 grand win,
It’s enough to put my head in a spin.
The darkness starts to circle my head,
Would it be easier if I was dead?
No one to hurt, no one to harm,
No more worry, just the feeling of calm.

My family awake, I must go down,
Hoping a smile can replace my frown,
Sat eating breakfast with tears in my eyes,
Trying not to contradict my lies.
The ones I told so I seem fine,
To hide the pain in this mind of mine.
Twisted spine, broken arm,
Nothing has ever caused this much harm.

Time to get help, I can do this no more,
I could be so rich but yet I’m so poor.
I want to travel, I want to laugh,
I want to own my own little gaff.
There’s people to talk to, I know there is,
Time to stop being in this god awful tiz.
The time has come to take back control,
Time to get out of this deep financial hole.

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