Frankenstein’s Grief
As tears coughed, smiles heard
Eyes wrinkled to breathe relief
Though all was planned, not this, not if
Testament of fate, all religion summoned
Erring silence still swarms from hearts and walls
Heavens were loose to witness their saw
As life instigates, death tries still to validate
A tale of sieve on what should be
As I watched on, her eyes retreats.

Oh aspirins frustrated how well her pains wins
For this was a queue not so many had gain
Technology tries to gain, carelessness still derails
Pigments of her dying core, now visible more
Her eyes white frail, much more than these white coats
Oh hear her bibs fondly calls her to reach
Its slows out her bit to ridicule their Swifts
Efforts oh efforts they muster her stay
All would have helped, but not a day as this.

There I stood in shock and mocked
As her lifeless gaze left details of griefs
As I wandered pointless, my wonder faded
Caesarian might save what purges to live
Lifeless ye mother, time runs out from us
Quickly quickly a chorus for knife
To beacon a hope that awaits to see
As swift as it came, wrongly it slit
A daze of agony, this child was struck
Silence then puked as our defaults retrace
But what could make up on twice of grief.

An enclosure against mother and us to child
Oh yes we cost this child’s life
Our carelessness, placenta dodged yet pierced
Hold up your scarf to duly scorn us
Sell out your strengths to purely curse us
Yes we account for good, this once let us evil
Fairly i should be hanged for this
But yet theater doesn’t pluck out our human bond
As this child unites mother, I sober and wail
We could, would and should but yet we not
And true I welcome your expectations of us
And yes don’t nullify our amalgamation with humanity.

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