It is a certain Sunday morning
My heart was tranquillize with thy joy
Of hope my dream tells
Relieve my heart was, from the grappled of sorrow
But nay, it was just a dream

Widen my eyes was when thy memory of reality refloated
What hath thou season was, it was a time of tumour
Profusely my heart sweat once more
Oh! What a pity to the unwise planet
Yee find help to where evil is

Fiend in thy midst of friend
Friend in thy midst of fiend
Thou make you wander uncertainty
The curfew tolls of this agony
Make thy city quiet like thy evening sun

The land is afraid of neoplasm
My heart is strained-forth to recount
What thy hath seen
Lo! Sorrow it was, it was full of agony
What shall thou be the cure to this tumour

Lo! it is a Sunday morning, the question remain unanswered
Quickly I dressed up for the fellowship
Tranquil once more it was, for thou were going to meet Jah
My heart once fertilized with catholic burning candle
Yee listen to this sayst; the voice of comforter

Thou render your heart upon my love
Your worries shall I cure
Like I did to king David of Jesse descendant
In thou mighty heart is peace and salvation
In Yah mighty heart I lay still for there is cure in it

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This Poems Story

"HOPE TO THE PLANET" is typical of modern poetry periodic type. The poem is of 30 lines break into six pentameter. The poem is short but epical in style language and context, it tells story from the mind of poet which is characterize on agony of pandemic tumour (viruses) around all nations in United Nation and the cause of it spreadness that is; the evil notion towards each other, among nations which is geopolitical aggression is the subject matter. To be realistic with the tone of this poem, it is elegeric but the suggestion of hope from line 26 to 40 change it language from sorrow to hope. The poet makes it clear with his simple fiction by explaining how the thought arose and how he was inspired early on Sunday morning to the state of departure. The poem is rich poetic devices such like apostrophe line 8 "profusely my heart sweat once more" line 17 "my heart is strained-forth to recount" and line 24 "My heart once fertilized with catholic burning candle" personification line 9, 15, 16, Alliterations, Antithesis line 11 and 12, repitition and et cetera.