Eyes black as the night sky.
She gives no thought as to why.
Endless roaming as she's searching for her prey.
Whose soul she can devour by the end of the day.
Who is this woman?
Money is what drives her into a rage.
Meth fueling her immortal soul in a cage.
Trapped by her demons she begs to get laid.
Mamon she asks is this how I get paid?
Who is this woman?
She acts so innocent as the demons pull her strings.
Just like a puppet they make her dance and sing
Songs of horror, pain, and sorrow is what she will bring.
Whispering I love you and hate you now give me my ring.
Who is this woman?
She goes by many names.
Succubus, Jezebel, Legion, Prince of Darkness they make her seem insane.
But the one held captive, the one that captivated my heart and left me in pain.
Jennifer is her name.

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