ooh!! the dearest freinds of mine
our strenuous hunt of love is done
the ship has whethered every rack
the prize we sought is won

the imprisoned panacea of ours
has announced its freedom to the globe
thought it contains some scars
heated by confusions and filled with hope
still it asks
thats hows our relation ??

lets scream
throughout the space that
not even a soul
can wander around our aura
we consist of numerous souls in one body
we are not mentioned as a plethora

lets sleep in the old days again
cherish some of the golden reminiscence
which were filled with laughter and felecity

but i dont know why
has transitioned itself into silence and serenity

ooh!! the dearest freinds of mine
lets sparkle and show others our pristine
and once again get engrossed in the past
which used to shine like the sun
and mimed with time

thank you

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