"Puzzle Pieces"

Endless puzzle pieces...
But no strings here...
One girl...
One guy...
Or is that a lie?
Don't try to piece it
For all you know they might have glued themselves to the table...
A settle
So it's a good thing to be a rebel... Unique piece you are, so go ahead Get your slice
Understand they got their own path
Not all relationships really last
Not all movements are hard to the next
There's examples of it in history
You got your own too
It's called memory
Just let it be
No need to fight or worry
They choose how they wanna be
They choose where you stand
But so do you
Don't worry about this failed plan
Cause we all make mistakes
It'll be fine
Cause we all know who's really there
Still in this world filled with
Endless puzzle pieces...
But no strings here...
One woman...
One man...
Who has the upper hand?
Don't try to solve it
Living life trying to figure this out
Just wanting to know what it's all about
The stresses
The worries
The hatred
It's all there
Clear your mind for a minute
Take a breath of fresh air
No stress
No worries
Just love
It's here now
It's finding the right pieces that'll play out
The ones that really belong and make a pretty picture
Not about the ones who try to force it
Just to make a fit in
The edges will dither
And no matter the filter
We still notice the pain
And no matter the cause
We still wanna see you smile
Cause we are the pieces molded to your pile
All different
But have a past
Let's paint the real picture here
The one that'll really last
The one with the best features
It's has nothing to do with cash
It's nothing but love
The one that roams free
The one that'll stare at the sky
Looking at the moon and back at you
Wishing upon a shooting star right there with you
Where the pain is caused from so much laughter
Just like two little kids causing trouble
These two must be perfect
The opposites double
The new family begins
And there's little sprouts
More puzzle pieces they never knew about
Helping to find their match made in this pile
Endless puzzle pieces...
But no strings here...
All in one picture

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