We may try with all our might
To shine if even for one night.
Sometimes our vision gets so blurred,
We lose track of our place on the road.
Every day becomes a constant battle to be bold.
Sometimes we feel our dreams die
No matter how hard we try.
We consider our luck to be over,
And negative thoughts in our minds hover.
But what if we learn from every heartache,
Even if our smiles are forced and fake.
Perhaps we can watch a new dream unfold,
Watch as a new story of our life gets told.
It can be something in our hearts we know,
That from every experience bad or good we grow.
So what if we fail, that attempt is just a drop in the ocean,
Even if it does at the time fill us with emotion.
Continue to try and make it the best,
Keep working at it and never let motivation rest.

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