We Named him Cosmo

We named him Cosmo, after the stars
And when I looked in his eyes, I saw the moon
And when he purred and purred I could almost hear
The sounds of pulsing comets and meteors

When we brought him home, he became a hermit
Hiding behind a refrigerator box
But as the suns set and the moon cycled
And soon he ate willingly from my hand

Cosmo taught me love, I said
To my friends and those around me
But love was scarce, like water in a desert
Maybe that’s why it happened

I look down from here wishing I could
Tell Cosmo where I am
That when I came from school, with bullet holes
That my life had not yet ended

I’m up here now, in the heavens
Surrounded by stars and skies
And soon he will become one with me
Another galaxy, nebula, or star

Still every day, he meows at my bed
Hoping that I will come back home
And it pains me that he could never understand
Why I never came home to bed

Don’t cry Cosmo, I’m happy up here
I’m where I really belong
I never left you, I love you so, so much
And I can’t wait to meet you here

We named him Cosmo, not because
I knew where I would eventually go
But because when he looks up at night
He knows I never left

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A reminder to choose love.