Mr. Fluffykins

A small little girl, short and sweet,
Goes walking along a barren street.
As she walks a small doll drags by her shins,
She will often say, "How are you Mr. Fluffykins?"
As the girl rounds the corner two boys stand there.
The one says, "Hey, what do we have here?"
The little girl stares and seems simply distant,
But when her doll is taken she reacts within an instant,
"Don't hurt Mr. Fluffykins!" she shrieks.
The boy chuckles as he pulls it out of reach,
Riiiiiip the head of the doll is tossed on the ground.
As the boy's laughter dies they hear a sound.
At first it's a growl, a howl, a moan,
Then it shifts to laughter as it dies with a groan.
They erupt into hilarity again,
"That was a nice prank, but we've been--"
The doll swiftly tears apart,
As the creature inside goes for their heart.

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This Poems Story

I had originally written this poem for a school project. I decided to enter it and I'm surprised that it was worthy to be published. I plan to write many more poems and stories in the future. There is no hidden meaning to this poem. It's really just about a girl with a monster in her doll-a monster who protects her from the world's evil.