Mr. Right

I watch you walk towards me,
My heart beats faster as it melts,
Your soft smile your caring eyes,
Your every move entrances me,

Every word out of your mouth,
I can't help but feel mesmerized,
The way you move,
As though there's music in your ears,

What do you feel when you're by my side,
What do you see when you look at me,
I can't breathe when you're near,
I see your imperfections in a most perfect way,

You don't try to impress anyone,
That just drew me closer to you,
You were an open book,
I wanted to read every page,

You hair was flowing so shiny with that slight curl,
I couldn't wait to run my fingers through it,
Your beard freshly shaved,
So soft to the touch,

I love you Darling till the end of time,
You're the light that shows me the right way to go,
You make my heart shine,
Without you I surely wouldn't be free in my mind,

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