Depression can hold you down it can make you feel like there is nothing to hold or nothing around the pain the hurt that agony the stress sometimes it feels like my life flashes before my eyes wanting to give up wanting to hide these tears won't stop deep down inside I'm tired of feeling this way  at times I don't know what to do but I always look up to the sky and God tells me everything's going to be okay I have to continue to keep my faith not only for me but for my son which keeps me alive I'm so tired of living this way anybody that's going through depression right now I understand where you're coming from it's not easy it's really hard it's like a sharp pain in your heart day by day sometimes it gets worse sometimes it gets better sometimes you don't want to get out of bed but sometimes you wonder if I weren't around would life be the same but then I sit down and think some people have it a lot worse and I have to be thankful for what I have we're all going through something right now and we have to stay strong we can't let the devil win he's trying so strong I know I can't give up giving up it's the easy way out I just want to thank the Lord above for giving me what I do have it might not be a lot but then it's more than what a lot of other people have I say a prayer to help us all stay strong to keep our faith when everything goes wrong I thank you Lord for another day whenever you're feeling down just look up to the sky your father is watching over you and he doesn't want to see you hurt or cry be grateful for what you have don't argue with your loved ones because tomorrow is never promised just appreciate life and take it one day at a time

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