“Mama” spills from your lips as easily as your breath,
A smile bursts forth without effort,
Oh how much joy you bring!
I pool into a mushy puddle,
Clay in your tiny hands,
Tears spring to my eyes,
And I muse over how lucky I am,
Four beautiful children to call my own.
It’s bittersweet, this joy you bring,
My elation comes at an expense.
Another family is missing out on this joy.

My blood doesn’t rush through your veins,
My heart doesn’t beat in sync with yours,
But when your innocent eyes meet mine,
Twinkling as you call my name,
A bright grin across your beautiful face,
I forget for a moment.
I forget that I didn’t grow you,
I forget that anyone else holds a part of you.
Just for a moment, it’s just you and I.

As the moment fades, my joy does not.
That blood coursing through your veins is so special,
So important.
And I vow to never forget why you’re mine.
I vow to never forget your story.
Our story.
The one that landed your perfect self in my arms,

So as I snuggle close to you tonight,
Your breath soft and slow,
Your eye lids flush against your cheeks,
I kiss your perfect face,
And I thank God once again,
That infertility led me to you.

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