mrs. halle gale haten 2020

I started with a 1975,
ferrari 575 htc exotic car.
tp start off my life(don Julio blanco),
to begin my alone life this far.

I did a lot of badd things,
before I was on my own.
to make life even harder,
once I got on my own.

my life of badd crimes,
that finally had caught up with me.
until I changed my life,
and become rich you see.

and erased my badd past,
to live honest and free.
living under my birth name,
the way fife was suppose to be(movie)

I'm a klu klux klan,bank robber,killer,terrorist,
and a badd escape prisoner!!!!

now I drive the 1981 Ferrari 575m supercharge in 2020

written by author Woodrow Anthony saulsberry!!!!

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