Life is just that…Life

No agenda, no remorse, no guilt,
No road, no plan, no path
People come and go
Heats break and grow
You live, you learn.
You stand, you fall
at the end you flow.

You can’t hold on to water with a closed fist.
You need to let go.
Let go and let God.
Let go and flow.

Like a river flow,
Like a river wash your sorrow.

For a day feel it, breathe it, live it
Life is short, seize it.
Change is hard, embrace it
Feel it, breathe it, live it.

Let it grow with you,
Let it grow in you.
You felt it for a day, it’s true.
You were it for a day, this is you.

Love, hate,
Joy, pain, it’s all in a day
comes rushing down, but that’s the way.

I love you, so I let you go.
I care for you, and I let you go.
I am with you, and I let you go.

Forget me not. You live in my heart.
A heart that learned to love because of you.
A heart that came back to life when it touched you.
My heart is in pain. It’s calling you.

I will not give up, for me I will fight.
I will not let go of the me you woke up.
Am wounded, am in pain
I can feel all your sorrow, it’s insane.

Feeling it, breathing it, living it
End it I will, my sorrow, my pain
Our love will not be in vain.

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