Dying is waking up the next day being in another form
Today you’re gone tomorrow you’re reborn
A form of manifestation or a creature that is unknown
Continuous chaos of bliss I wonder what it is that I’m here for
Past lives buried and forgotten ashes lost and thrown
Following the mother ship my soul that bares it all

We live by our hopes and dreams wishing to have it all
A tiny boat in a fleet its presence a reflection in the stone
Stop moaning and be grateful of the rainbow after the storm
Your eternal smoke never fades as u find ur way home
Tears from sadness transformed into strength and hope
Live life intuitively as you know you been here before

But how can we surpass the test to out live immortality
Recycling the mist of cells and DNA codes of humanity
People getting tired hopeless with shame and obscurity
Lessons never learned like a teacher that teaches insanity
We’re all captivated with blocks from our ancient dynasties
Carrying the burden of karmic auras left us with penalties

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