The Devious Mind

I tame my mind, and,
I tame my mind
Willing to clasp it with hands of broken strength I can find
Only to discover that it’s easier to tread the hot earth a thousand miles

I wage a lost battle, in a sea of misery I drown
The Wise said the mind is an elusive bird of freedom
Never to be captured, never to be your crown

Insolent and vain, it echoes from the sky
Taming me is but a fool’s errand
Many the Greats have been left wondering why

I gifted you a broken heart that you will never be able to mend
Joy will elude you even if it’s the wind you bend
This is my life's work, this is my destiny
Slip away from you I will in an act of mutiny

Your torn heart will be my prisoner
While with all bitter anguish you will crave your lost love back
My heart will dance and many a song it will sing

You can never tame the devil, try with all your might
I will vanish on the wings of the dove, out of sight

I tame my mind
I tame my mind
All I do is lose my mind

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