Sometimes, I wish I didnt run so deep..
They cut.
They make me bleed.
Silence... breathe...
Just be the best you can be!
Even when you know,
it's about to unfold;
Lies, betrayal, torment and scold!
Unforgiving, this life is cold!
Continue to breathe,
it's to continue to succeed?
Every single peice inside of me,
wants to do nothing but help you see...
I'm yelled at, hit,
thrown to shit,
Lay for a while and cry a bit...
Get up,
shake it off,
act like it dont bother me.
How can you be?
If I may ask for clarity.
Be an angel in the eyes of a stranger,
A stranger in the eyes of family.
Strong meaning, to me?!
You see...
It's spelled L.O.V.E.
Spread it across the country!
I'm simple,
A, B, C, D!
I promise,
You've never meet another like me.
I stand, I fall,
I'll speak up for what's right and I'll lose it all.
But... try, right?
That's what they say?
Despite the hardships,
There will come a day?
Beaten and broken,
I still dredge on.
and my heart beats on!


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