Lying in the dorm room bed and looking at the covers and remembering when they were on the bed at home and then seeing them look like my bed at home and then closing my eyes and convincing myself I could be lying in the bed in my house right then and feeling the side of the wall at home on my back instead of this one.

Hugging, and really sinking my teeth into it, not realizing how much I want the hug till I'm the one holding on and not letting go

3AM for the fourth or 5th time. It's some kind of allegory, there's no stopping it. Just tumbling like that, in awe, and really and truly alone. Ghost town.

Drinking coffee and remembering its taste. Pinpointing it. Assigning that taste to a desperate, humid, odorous, moment. Remembering that taste, and enjoying, in the future, drinking the memory most.

Being swallowed up. Mostly by comforters and mattresses. No, ONLY by those. Sinking teeth into it, desperately sleeping.

The absence of walking with buds in the ears and not even knowing it, just walking like under the water or in a bubble and experiencing it all under a blanket, or under a film, 2, 3 hours. Walking on cushions, feet and eyes and nose a full inch above the ground and above where they should be.

Sleepwalking a train route. The moment of realizing and of not thinking at all.

Standing on a familiar street, VERY familiar, a 1000 times street, and suddenly being transported to the first time seeing it. Brain-made time travel.


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